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Frostie! by cinnapepper
one of my secondary fursonas, i'm thinking of making a fursuit of her ^^

i feel like red is her color, but i'd like to dress her up a lot @@ but this is her normal outfit.

i really love the kemono style, i'll probably just draw all my fursonas that way now.
eww! TW: body shaming and rape mention by cinnapepper
eww! TW: body shaming and rape mention
sorry if  this offends anyone. i just wanted to vent.

yes, this is what i've been getting from people over the past few years, but it's especially bothering me now considering most of it is coming from my grandma, who insists i drop 100 pounds instantly so people won't be tempted to rape me. and every time i show her an outfit im really excited to have because i think i'd look cute in it, she goes on an on about how it will never fit and im too fat for anything.

i hate waking up and thinking "is someone going to tell me how disgusting i am again? is someone going to rape me because i have huge boobs i cannot help? is someone going to beat me up for how i look?" and "am i going to gain more weight? am i going to look worse? am i going to fit into my favorite dress anymore?" god i want to cry just thinking of it

i love to eat but i feel bad for doing so

i hate having to feel this way about myself. i hate that people want me to feel this way about myself.

sorry for venting. i'll r emove this la ter
project1 (will scrap later) by cinnapepper
project1 (will scrap later)
a project for school. i have to draw a hero (yes i chose one of my furries as my hero bc i cant draw shinji), and make their eyes/ears/hands huge depending on what my "learning style" is. then i gotta give them something that represents one of my talents. eh, don't mind this i'm just dropping it off here in hopes i can save it onto the class ipads and be done with it

the next parts:
says the guy with a gallery full of minecraft and MMD models

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